Climax Depot
Parker's Park

Climax Depot

620 New Street

     To Rent:  $145 per day (includes

                   $50 deposit)

Climax Tiger's Den 

500 W Broad Street

     To Rent:  $150 per day (includes $50    


Parker's Park

Corner of Broad Street & Main Street

     Covered Pavilion


     Memorial for Climax area Soldiers who lost    

     their life during World War I, World War II,    

          and Vietnam War

Charles Edwards, World War I

John Oliver Holt, World War I

Paul Jones, World War I

 Harvey L. Kelly, World War I

James Clifton Wilder, World War I

Robert Floyd Jones, World War II

Leonard Keigans, World War II

Rayford M. Dollar, World War II

Burrell D. Phillips, World War II

Carl J. Phillips, World War II

J.C. Sanders, World War II

Charles H. Strickland, World War II

 Herman C. Thomas, World War II

Robert M. Trulock, World War II

Billy Knight, Vietnam War

Climax Little City Park

600 New Street

      Children's Play Equipment

      Covered Pick-Nick Table

      All enclosed in Fenced Area

Climax Parks & Social Buildings

Climax Tiger's Den
Climax Little Park